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The Fairy-tale Continues, Why Gordon CAN Win The Title

First let me start off with WOW.  Words cannot describe how happy I was to see 44-year-old, Jeff Gordon step into victory lane at Martinsville.  Gordon who didn't have the fastest car all day stayed up front throughout the day, and put himself in the position to steal a win.  Gordon who had a little help from a vengeful Matt Kenseth, took the lead after passing Denny Hamlin and Aj Allmendinger in the closing laps of the Goody's 500.  Gordon then held off a hard charging Jamie McMurray to claim his 93rd career win.  In this post, I want to hit on why this year could finally be the year the driver for five comes alive!  Before I get started I do want to admit my wrongs, I had Gordon out after the first round.  I am glad to be wrong, and I hope all of #GordonNation is ready to witness history in the making.

1.  Time for preparation

With Gordon winning the first race of round 3, the #24 team has two full weeks to focus on the car for Homestead.  Gordon can literally just forget about the present and look forward to November, 22nd, the day he will attempt to take home his 5th career championship.  Gordon who knew that his best chance to lock himself in was winning the 500-lap demolition derby, can now sit back and watch the show between the other 7 Chasers unfold.  Gordon said himself in victory lane that the only focus now is making our Homestead car better.  One thing to note is that Gordon has shown success at Homestead before in 2012, so nothing is out of reach.  Gordon who has struggled to find speed all season will need his team to find something, but with two weeks of nothing but preparation, the #24 team should come out ready to fight in mid-November.

2.  He knows where he stands

Gordon knows that he is not the fastest driver on the circuit right now, in fact he openly acknowledges it.  Though fans will question why I bring up this point, I have always liked when a driver doesn't make themselves out to be something they're not.  Gordon knows that speed will not win him the race, so that gives him time to formulate a game plan that could put him over the top.  I believe that this team has survived by being what they are, a team that has to scratch and claw to be consistent, but guess what... it has worked.  Gordon has now finished top-3 in back-to-back races, which means this team is clicking, now they just have to find the final piece to cap off a very emotional season.  Jeff knows this is his last shot, he knows that after Homestead there is no 'next season'.  As long as this team remembers who they are, they can put together a solid ride for JG come Homestead.

3.  Confidence

I have never seen Jeff Gordon so happy in my life.  The pressure is sort of gone, well at least for the next two weeks.  Gordon now took away the pressure of winning in his last season, all that's left is one night for one championship.  This team is riding a high after putting the #24 in victory lane, which could smell trouble for competitors.  Gordon knows he can do it, he knows his team can do it, all that is left is DOING IT.  The 4-time champion has only one thing left to prove in his career, that he can win under the Chase format, well he has his shot.  Gordon has always been a momentum type of driver and can only get better in my opinion.  If Hendrick can finally find speed, the #24 team can become the 2015 Sprint Cup Series champions.

Thanks for reading!! This was a quick piece, I was so excited I just had to write something!! Thanks for reading!! Go #GordonNation!!! #24EVER!


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