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Painted Restart Zone? Good Idea, But More Needs To Be Done

Recently it has been announced that Charlotte Motor Speedway will try something new, to help regulate the restart issue that has emerged every since Brad Keselowski was penalized at New Hampshire.  In an effort to help with the issue of the restart zone Charlotte Motor Speedway will paint the lines on the race track.  I really like this idea, and want to give my thoughts on it!  Also, want to provide my solution to the restart issue that has been talked about lately.  Well, let's get started!!

The idea of painting the restart lines on the race track is simply genius... but I have one question about it!  Why the hell did it take this long?  NASCAR should have implemented this years before, it makes the job easier and also helps drivers see the line better.  Usually NASCAR has a mark on the wall, but let's be honest when you are focusing on a restart it is hard to pay attention to a small little line on the wall to your right.  This is a good move for drivers, fans, and officials.  Now, fans can clearly see where drivers need to start, drivers can physically see the line, and officials have a more clear cut method to see what takes place during a restart.  This is a great idea if NASCAR intends to stick with using a restart zone, but I think that should change. 

Now, honestly painting the zone doesn't fix the issue at hand, considering the real issue on restarts has involved drivers jumping starts, even if they are already in the restart zone.  Brad was caught by simply crossing the start/finish line or being in front of leader at the time Greg Biffle.  Keselowski was in the restart box, but simply passed Biffle.  The painted restart zone is great, but doesn't help clear up if a driver jumped the start.  My solution of how to clean up restarts is a little different, and actually eliminates the restart zone entirely.   

Having a zone is great and does give the leader some control, but ultimately there is no way NASCAR can completely regulate penalty calls in a consistent manner.  We have seen time and time again similar restarts go both ways, some receiving penalties, some going unnoticed.  My solution is to simply do away with the zone and make drivers restart at the start/finish line or a line painted a solid distance before it.  All I want is just one solid line, that will determine where the leader is to start the race.  This line must be crossed by the leader first, but after that all hell can break loose.  This helps with a variety of things.  

First, it gives the leader a clear cut place to start the race.  Drivers have complained for years about others laying back or going too early on restarts.  This rule will eliminate that issue, because NASCAR can simply put a camera on the line and make a call.  Second, the leader can't lay back or go early which will make for more exciting restarts.  Though I do believe the leader should have control of the restart applying this rule would make the leader stay on their game.  No more games will be played, you just go and earn your lead spot back. Lastly, all questions can be answered quickly.  As I mentioned before NASCAR has the ability to put a camera on the line and make a clear cut call.  Instead of having two different outcomes on similar situations, NASCAR officials will have to show consistency, especially if replays are offered to teams and fans.

Just so I don't leave any gaps I also want to state that with this rule the line is the ultimate race starter.  So if you are sitting in second or third and the leader spins their tires you have every right to pass them immediately.  Cars further back in the pack must cross this line before they can pass other cars unless cars are running at a lower speed than usual (due to mechanical issue or missed shift).  Basically everything will remain the same for positions 3 through 43, the only change is that second has to let the leader cross the restart line first, after that there is no holding back.

Overall, I think a painted restart zone is a great idea for now, but more will have to be done moving forward.  We can't let a faulty call ruin someone's season.  What if on the last restart at Homestead the leader spins their tires and second place is a chaser who supposedly jumped the start since the leader couldn't go and he loses the championship?  That is a plain out terrible way to lose a championship, but honestly with this rule book that can happen.  I know NASCAR officials are smart, but this needs to be addressed, right now there are too many inconsistencies for this to remain NASCAR's restart policy.

Well, thanks for reading!!! Let me know what you think!  Do you have a good idea NASCAR should consider?  Let me know!!  Have a great rest of your day!!

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