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NASCAR's New Package: What I Expect Vs. What I Want

This weekend at Kentucky, the Sprint Cup series drivers will experience something new.  NASCAR who is experimenting with a new tires, aerodynamics, and down force packages, announced that the new package will run at 4 other events before the Chase begins.  All of these changes come with an effort to improve the amount of passing during a race.  Now, I have grown a custom to NASCAR making changes over the last few years, so this is not a shock.  In this post I want to talk more about what I expect out of this weekend.  I will also weigh in on what I 'want' to see, and what will 'probably' happen.

Passing, the most essential part of racing.  Without passing there is no race, just a bunch of cars in line, which is what NASCAR has turned in to.  Yes, passes are made during the race, but not as much as people want.  Fans want battles all around the track, not for some random position in the back of the field.  This weekend NASCAR is making adjustments in the Cup Series to see if they can fix this issue.  NASCAR wants more competitive racing, as do the fans, so why not try something?  

Kentucky is a great place to start considering it is an intermediate, which takes up a huge chunk of the schedule.  NASCAR will also run new packages at Indianapolis, Darlington, Michigan, and Richmond before the Chase begins.  This variety of tracks should give great feedback as to whether NASCAR is stepping in the right direction in terms of racing quality.  NASCAR is trying, but here is my take on the situation.

Of course NASCAR needs more passing, but we can't keep changing the cars to make it happen.  NASCAR needs to settle on a package.  I get that NASCAR wants winning to be harder than every before, but every year it seems like a new rule is made to increase passing, and every year fans are disappointed.  What I WANT to see this weekend is a lot of passing.  I want battles for the lead, top-5, and every other position on  track.  It would great to see an race at a 1.5 mile track have more than just 3 or 4 different leaders the whole race.  I want to see drivers suck up to the back of cars, and go for passes, not the same old single file racing we are accustom to.  With that said I EXPECT nothing out of the ordinary. 

 NASCAR has failed over and over again to increase passing, and without much testing I don't believe this package is going to work magic.  NASCAR fans know this is a yearly thing.  There is no pure solution to the issue.  They have changed the cars multiple times over the last few years, and expect that everything will be perfect.  Racing will never be 100% what everyone wants.

Overall, I do hope to notice some kind of difference come Saturday night.  NASCAR's scheduled testing for this week got rained out Wednesday & Thursday, so if officials stick with using this new package it will be interesting to see what kind of racing we witness in the Quaker State 400!

That's it! Thanks for reading!  Let me know what you think, what changes need to be made?


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