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What The Rainbow Means To Me

Jeff Gordon's 2015 Rainbow Axalta Chevy running at Bristol in August
Jeff Gordon's 2015 Rainbow Axalta Chevy running at Bristol in August

No this is not about gay marriage, its about a legacy making a return for one night only!  For those who have been sleeping under a rock today, Hendrick Motorsports made a huge announcement this morning, when they revealed Jeff Gordon's car that will run at Bristol in August.  To get straight to the point the rainbow warriors will return to on track action in just a few weeks.  This morning the #24 Axalta Rainbow Chevy was revealed, which for some brings back times of dominance and un-stoppable speed.  There was even a petition to bring back the paint scheme, so trust me it's a big deal.  So here is what the rainbow means to me.  

Unfortunately I was born in 1994 and never really picked up racing until the 2001 & 2002 seasons.  So there for I haven't ever seen the rainbow car run except for the All-Star race about ten years ago.  Though I haven't seen the car run in person or on television I do have a thought as to what this paint scheme means to Gordon's career.  The rainbow paint scheme undoubtedly covered Gordon's car during the best moments of his career.  The multi-colored scheme graced the #24 from 1992-2000, arguable the most successful years of Gordon's career.  During that time he won 3 championships and 52 of his 92 career victories.  

To most fans this scheme takes us back to a time where Jeff Gordon could literally win any given weekend.  He was unstoppable at times, hell he even had three back-to-back-to-back seasons where he won 10 or more races.  This paint scheme became a part of history during the 90's, and I like most fans are hoping that for at least one night we can witness the man that use to annoy the competition with how dominant he was. 

This August means so much to many fans, this is what we have all wanted in his last season.  Just one last glimpse into the scheme that made Gordon's career.  Honestly, I don't think they could have chosen a better race than to put it under the lights at Bristol, a track Gordon hasn't won at in years.  Maybe this will spark the flame again, something that seems much needed this 2015 season. 

To me this car is not just another race car, its a memory.  A memory of the legend in the making.  I may have never witnessed it race but I for damn sure know the importance of this car.  Just to see that rainbow car one time is an amazing idea, and will create a memory that will last forever!

Well, here you go!  I know I am a young kid, so I want to know what is your greatest memory of the #24 rainbow Chevy?


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