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Should Kyle Busch be Chase Eligible?

Kyle Busch 2015 M&M's Toyota for Joe Gibbs Racing
Kyle Busch 2015 M&M's Toyota for Joe Gibbs Racing

Does Kyle Busch deserve a waiver?? The answer is... YES!!

There have been many fans debating over the idea of Kyle Busch getting a waiver from NASCAR to become eligible for the Chase for the Sprint Cup.  In case you have been sleeping under a rock you know that Kyle was involved in a scary crash in the Xfinity Series at Daytona International Speedway.  After crashing his Joe Gibbs Racing #54 Monster Energy Toyota, Busch broke bones in his leg and foot.  Now, there is no clear time table to when Busch will return to racing but most predict sometime in the summer months around July or August.  

With his return there comes the issue of whether or not he deserves a waiver from NASCAR officials to be eligible to make the Chase.  NASCAR stated coming into this season that for a driver to be eligible for the Chase they must attempt all events, and remain inside the top 30 in points throughout the regular season.  This is an easy concept to follow, stay at a decent spot in points and remain in the top 30 you are at least eligible, but most fans understand that just being eligible and making the Chase are two completely different things.  

Fans have been complaining that Busch getting a waiver would be 'unfair', but I don't see how this is unfair even in the slightest bit.  Busch had nothing to do with his injury.  He was involved in a wreck he had nothing to do with, and got injured due to lack of safety at the Speedway (hitting an un-safe concrete wall).  So I raise the question how is this Busch's fault?  Its not!  

See I believe that the biggest reason fans don't want to see Busch get a waiver is because they are scared.  Not in the literal sense, but the fact that Busch is VERY talented.  Busch has built a negative reputation over the years with a cocky attitude and results to back it up.  He has involved himself in controversy on and off the track which has led fans to go against him.  I beg to question if Dale Earnhardt Jr. had been hurt that fans would say he didn't deserve Chase eligibility.  This is a matter of popularity not of what is 'fair'.  Fans don't like Busch and know he is talented, so they are scared that by some miracle he could still make the Chase and raise a little hell before all is said and done.  

Personally, Busch making the Chase isn't even a realistic option.  Yes, Busch could win in the handful of races he may get to be a part of, but for him to race back into the top 30 in points he would have to win almost every race.  Busch making the top 30 is almost impossible.  Also, looking at how the season is going, there have already been 7 different winners.  This allows only 9 other winners to solidify a spot in the 16 car field.  All I am saying is the odds are piled high against Kyle Busch, so if anything if Busch received a waiver and made the Chase he full out deserved it, maybe even more than other drivers.  

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