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3 Crazy Yet Possible Solutions for the All-Star Race

The All-Star is just around the corner!  Labeled as one of the premiere events during the season, the best drivers will clash for a chance to win $1,000,000!  As exciting as that sounds, the honest truth is that the All-Star has lost its edge over the last decade.  With boring formats and lack of excitement, the biggest controversy from an All-Star over the last 10-years, is when Kyle and Kurt Busch wrecked each other in 2007.  With that being said I want to use this post to provide 3 crazy but possible solutions that would bring excitement back to the All-Star!  Before I start just remember that I know these ideas are crazy and could be expensive!  These ideas are for entertainment, so don't get too upset!  Lastly, the reason NASCAR OPINION has been quiet lately is because I was finishing my work at Winthrop University and graduated on May 7th!!! With that being said, let's get going!

Idea #1: Provide points to segment winners.

The All-Star has always been recognized as a non-points event, but image if that changed.  This idea would provide points to segment winners in the Showdown and All-Star Race.  For example, winning a segment in the Showdown would earn a driver 3 total points in the NASCAR standings.  The same would work for the All-Star, but segments would be worth more points.  If a driver won a segment in the All-Star they could earn 3-points, and winning the All-Star could result in a 5-point increase in the drivers standings.  The fuel behind this concept, is that drivers would work harder in each segment to earn points.  Only the WINNER would receive points, no one else!  By offering a points opportunity, drivers will work harder to race up front to gain an advantage over the competition.  Overall, drivers will do anything to get ahead, by offering points teams will use more strategy and take risks to get a leg up on the competition.  Making the Chase could easily be decided by 1 or 2 points, so this concept could make for an interesting regular season battle!

Idea #2: NASCAR mandated vehicles.

Young fans will not remember the IROC or International Race of Champions Series that ran from 1974 to 2006, but this idea was inspired by the former racing division.  This series brought together champions from all forms of racing including NASCAR, open wheel, dirt, and drag racers.  Aside from showcasing only champions the series also provided a high level of fair but competitive racing.  Each car was prepared exactly the same from a single group of engineers, allowing the race to come down to driver talent instead of the quality of the car.  This idea could bring a more level playing field to the annual All-Star event.  Putting guys like Jimmie Johnson, Kevin Harvick, and Kyle Busch in the same car, would give drivers the chance to prove who the best talent really is.  Instead of Hendrick or Gibbs having the upper hand, any driver that qualifies would have a chance to showcase their true talent.  These vehicles could be NASCAR stock cars or a modified cars like the ones used in the IROC series. These cars would be used just once a year for the special event.  NASCAR engineers would prepare the cars, and teams wouldn't be allowed to make any modifications.  Engineers would have an entire year to prepare roughly 25 to 30 cars, all of which are equally prepared.  

Idea #3: Three wide restarts.

This is probably the craziest idea on the list! Double wide restarts use to be exclusive to the All-Star event, but after much debate, NASCAR ruled that double wide restarts would go full-time starting in mid-2009. Seven years down the road, fans have loved the excitement that has accompanied the rule change, but now something new needs to be introduced for the annual event. Many will say this idea is too dangerous to implement, but if NASCAR drivers are really 'the best drivers in the world', they should be able to handle any situation. This would guarantee excitement and craziness on every restart! Just image 8 or 9 rows of cars going three wide to take the green flag!!! Just thinking about it makes me get excited! Obviously, this will probably never happen, but it would be amazing to watch cars drive in the corner three abreast! 

Well, thanks for reading!! Let me know what you think about these 3 ideas!  Also, tweet me your ideas on Twitter at @nascar_opinion!  Don't be afraid to follow either!  Also, follow on Instagram at NASCAR OPINION!  Before I go I want to shout out a few Twitter followers who offered their own ideas for the All-Star event!  @zackcart12 (Zack) also liked the idea of 3-wide restarts!  @Ohionascarman (Angelo LoPresti) had the idea of having no rule restrictions on the cars or changing tracks!  @graceleewalker (Grace Leigh) thinks that Chase Elliott winning would make the event great again!!  @galzeranoa (Anthony Galzerano) believes NASCAR should take the race out of Charlotte or remove the event completely!  Lastly, @AwesomeWrecks (Awesome Wrecks) had the awesome idea of adding a Sharknado to the event!!  Thanks for everyone who gave their crazy but awesome ideas!!  Hope everyone has a great rest of your day, and are looking forward to racing at the Monster Mile!!!

(Photo Credits: Chris Keane, Rainier Ehrhardt, Getty Images)

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