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The Good & Bad of Kyle Busch

The 2016 season has been filled with close finishes, rookies having success, and Kyle Busch.  Busch, has had a solid start to his 2016 campaign with 2 win's in 9 starts.  Add to that 7 top-5's (also 7 top-10's) and a current ranking of 4th in the Cup series standings.  There is no doubt that Busch is making a nice effort to defend his 2015 championship, but one issue keeps holding Busch back in the eyes of fans.  I have said before that Busch has matured a lot over the last two seasons.  Busch has made leaps and bounds in how he treats the media but there is still more to be done.  There is no doubt that Busch's attitude still gets in the way of what could be one of the most historic careers we may ever witness.  Busch's attitude keeps fans from seeing his true talent, and has led to multiple issues on track.  Before you exit off the page, don't think I am going to be too harsh on 'Rowdy', I also understand that is attitude is great for the sport.  In this blog post will highlight the good and bad of Busch's fiery attitude.  Now with enough talking, let's get a little rowdy (pun intended)! 

The Good:

What makes every superhero movie great?  The bad guy.  Yep, the guy you love to hate makes the movie worth watching, the same goes for sports.  Kyle 'Rowdy' Busch gives fans something to get mad at.  Race fans will never admit it, but Busch makes the sport more exciting.  Alongside his never lose mindset, Busch also gives fans a villain to cheer against on Sunday's.  When Busch wins, fans are upset and want to burn the place down.  When he crashes, fans go nuts!  The truth is, is that Busch provides a unique personality in NASCAR.  Today many drivers have 'cookie cutter' attitudes, but Busch keeps fans on their toes before, during, and after each race.  As much as you hate him, you have to admit that watching your favorite driver beat him is worth while.  NASCAR needs Busch, without him the sport would be filled with a bunch of plain Jane drivers with no personality.  Busch reminds me a lot of Tony Stewart in that he isn't afraid to say anything.  His personality is one of necessity in the garage, especially since NASCAR has seemed to turn so PC as of late.  To wrap things up, it is important to realize that Busch is just like the Joker in Batman, you need him to make the story worth following.  Heck without Busch we might as well be watching an episode of Teletubbies, where everyone is joyful and nothing interesting happens! 

Photocred: Jasen Vinlove, USA Today Sports

The Bad:

Fact, Kyle Busch was crowned the 2015 Sprint Cup champion.  Another fact, the champion becomes a face of the sport.  As much as Rowdy's attitude does great things for NASCAR in terms of controversy, storming off and releasing insulting statements is not the act of a champion.  As a the reigning champion and proud father, Busch has reached a point in his career that he can be looked at as a spokesperson for NASCAR.  This is where my only problem with Busch lies.  I don't believe he has done a good job representing NASCAR as the champion.  I know Busch fans will fuss over this, but a champion doesn't decline interviews or claim a track 'sucks' because he had tire issues.  A champion takes what he gets, and moves on.  Look at Kevin Harvick, a guy who finished second 13 times last season.  Harvick dominated many weekends and fell short time and time again, yet he still did every interview like the champion that he is.  Jimmie Johnson is another example.  He has never fussed or walked off, he simply handles his job like an adult.  I'm not asking Busch to change who he is, but just realize that he is the face of the sport.  Many casual or new fans know him as the best driver currently running, so how does it look knowing that the star athlete whines and declines to talk to media because things didn't go his way?  Just think of this, how would it look if Peyton Manning or Aaron Rogers just stormed off when things didn't work out?  How would it look if LeBron issued a statement on how an arena sucked and that he is fed up playing there?  Overall, I like Kyle being Kyle, but eventually you have to become someone the sport can rely on to carry into the future.

Thanks for reading!  I do want to say I am proud of Kyle for how he handled his 2nd place finish Sunday.  Let me know what you think! Comment below or tweet me at @nascar_opinion (don't forget to follow).  Also, follow me on Instagram at NASCAR OPINION! Congrats to Carl Edwards and all of #CarlNation after the big win Sunday, and have a great week! 

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Photocredits:, Jasen Vinlove/USA Today Sports, Texas Motor Speedway

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