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Open Letter to Why We No Longer Love Bristol

Dear Bristol Motor Speedway,

Before the race Sunday I was excited.  Excited for the chance to see a glimpse of the old Bristol I grew up enjoying.  Excited to see cars bumping, banging, and punting cars left and right.  Lastly, I was excited to revisit NASCAR history.  Unfortunately for me and many other fans I would watch the 500-lap race in disappointment.  Yet another Bristol race passed us by, and it is clear to see that fans aren't happy.  Just look up at the stands, as nearly half the seats weren't filled for what use to be one of the most popular events on the NASCAR schedule.  Fans don't enjoy this 'new' Bristol as many of your executives would like to call it.  We don't enjoy the rim riding... we don't care to see a race where no one can pass unless lapped traffic gets in the way.  If you don't understand yet... us fans DON'T LIKE BRISTOL ANYMORE.  

The point is, is that Bristol used to be one of the most exciting weekends of the year.  Fans knew there would be plenty of hot temperatures and hot tempers!  Bump and run was every drivers middle name, and the low line was where you found speed.  Drivers like Darrell Waltrip, Dale Earnhardt, Rusty Wallace, and Jeff Gordon became legends by dominating the 'World's Fastest Half Mile'.  Bristol used to give us a glimpse into the past, when our sport was founded on local short tracks.  Bristol used to be a hot ticket event... the key words are USED TO BE.

See when the track owner and designers decided they wanted to speak for the fans and make changes to an already great race track, they made a mistake.  They broke a cardinal rule, 'if it ain't broke... don't fix it.'  Designers decided they wanted a high line for racing... again THEY decided that, not the fans.  Fans were happy with the racing and the show NASCAR could put on, but now it's a joke. 

In case any Bristol exec. were to see this post, just know that you have ruined the track once loved by fans from around the world.  You have destroyed one of the best tracks NASCAR has ever ran at.  This 'new' Bristol is okay, but the old Bristol was great.  Simply put, you tried to fix something that didn't need fixing to begin with.  You killed part of NASCAR's history.  We want the old Bristol back.

Sincerely, NASCAR FANS.

P.S.  "This Isn't Bristol Baby."

Thanks for reading!!!  Tried my best to speak on how I was feeling!  Let me know how you feel about the new Bristol & be sure to follow me on Twitter at @nascar_opinion!  Also, follow me on Instagram at NASCAR OPINION!!  Hope you have a great day!

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